The hunt for a serial killer leads Homicide Detective Josiah Troyer back to his Amish roots in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. To catch a monster preying on young women, Josiah must regain the trust of a shattered community.

But going home means dealing with his past and facing the woman he left behind. Hannah is desperately trying to rebuild her life after the death of her Amish husband, and now, the murder of her sister. The last person she expected to turn up on her doorstep was the man who broke her heart eight-years ago. But Hannah quickly discovers Josiah is not the same man she fell in love with. Gone are his easy smiles and gentle ways. He’s harder, colder—an outsider…

Josiah’s investigation leads him to believe the killer is closer than they thought, and he fears Hannah may be the next victim. In a race against time, they’ll have to work together if she’s going to survive.


“I’ve never really dabbed my fingers in the thriller/mystery genre in romance but I’m glad I did. Vow of Silence was 100% thriller/mystery with a touch of romance that wasn’t overwhelming. I enjoyed every page!” ~Marianne H. (Netgalley reviewer)

“You will become immersed in the twisted tangle of suspense, as the girls keep disappearing, and Joe struggles to find the killer. Melynda Price is a talented writer that develops interesting characters and scenarios, as she takes the reader on a journey of intrigue and suspense.” ~Leanna M. (Netgalley reviewer)

“Vow of Silence is a suspenseful novel written by Melynda Price. This storyline is full of mystery, intrigue, murder, and love. I was drawn into this story from the first few pages and I remained intrigued throughout the entire story. Congratulations to Melynda Price for writing this intriguing story for her readers to enjoy.” ~Pamela P. (Netgalley reviewer)

“This book was great. It was thrilling and full of mystery. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it!” ~Mandie G (Netgalley reviewer)

“My favorite part of this book was the slow intensity build of their romance.The author did a great job of bringing in a lot of strange or creepy or mysterious characters who could be the killer. So there was many suspects at one time and it really boggles the mind. The author did a fantastic job of building to the truth and keeping it hidden for a long enough time.” ~Micheala P. (Netgalley reviewer)

“The author wrote the characters in a way that you could feel what they were going through. You were invested in what happened to them. There was also a nice balance between romance and mystery.” ~Gina B. (Netgalley reviewer)