“Surfs up! Hop on my board and I’ll give you the ride of your life…”

~Balen Kroft, International Surfing Champion

“If you kiss enough frogs, eventually you’re going to get a fungus.”

~Autumn Harris

When Autumn’s best friend Summer surprises her with a girls’ getaway in Cyprus for her 30th birthday, she makes up her mind that now is her time to shine. This is exactly the fresh start she needs to put the past and a messy divorce behind her. She might have bought into the ideology of Mr. Right once, but that myth was long busted—been there, done that—and she has the broken heart to prove it.

When a family emergency causes her bestie to bail on her minutes before their flight takes off, Autumn finds herself alone and bound for the “Island of Love.” Summer had an itinerary chock-full of girlfriend goodies planned—massages, salsa lessons, parasailing… Okay, maybe not parasailing, but this was going to be a week of fun, and now suddenly it’s a week for one. Armed with her Best Friends Guide Book for Having Fun—and no best friend—Autumn plans to check into her beachside villa with her new BFF, Captain Morgan.

Being ranked one of the top surfers in the world does have its perks, but discovering your sex-tape was released on social media?—definitely not one of them. On the heels of a scandal that has sponsors threatening to cancel his contracts, Balen Kroft has strict instructions from his publicist to lie low for the next week while this whole fiasco blows over. Seven days of incognito before hitting the surf again at the Titan’s of Maverick Invitational might not be such a bad thing—rest, relaxation, and fun in the sun… Until he comes face-to-face with his own personal riptide. If he’s not careful, Autumn Harris may just pull him under.

The fiery ginger has no idea who Balen really is and he’s determined to keep it that way. After the last eight months and a series of self-destructive behaviors, he’s content to let her believe he’s a homeless, beach-bumming surfer, living a carefree life one day at a time.

Autumn’s sexy vagabond is just charming enough to convince her to let him crash in the spare room of her villa. In exchange, he offers to be her new bestie for the week, taking her on all the excursions her friend had planned. It’s a tempting offer…her own personal tour guide and the possibility of some hot, no-strings, surfer-guy sex? What woman in her right mind would turn that down? She’s a big girl who knows the score. What can possibly go wrong?


“One and Done is a charming story written with humor and heart. Autumn is the kind of girl every woman can relate to. With a past that has kept her from living her life to the full, she is forced out of her comfort zone by her absent best friend, and the hunky surf dude she meets on the plane to a once-in-a-lifetime-vacation. Little does Autumn know, Balen has his own secrets. As the chemistry sizzles between them, they both have to decide whether they’re willing to put  their hearts on the line before their time together is up.”

You will not find a more compelling romance than this. One and Done will have you laughing, crying, and rooting for this couple from beginning to end.” ~ I Literary Can’t Even…

One and Done is a must read for this year! I was given an advanced copy by the publisher through Netgally. I officially want to be the book fairy and buy this for everyone who loves a good romance read and move to Cypress to find my own Pro Surfer. I have never read anything by Ms. Price but I am officially a big fan. Autumn is a beautiful woman in her 30s who has had a rough go at Love her best friend Summer books them on a trip to Cypress and Balen is the bad boy surfer who wakes up not only her body but her heart. The story is seamlessly written flows well and you can’t put it down. There connection is amazing the story is like the scavenger hunt for finding love and the only thing I didn’t like about it is the fact that it was OVER. So grab a bookmark and SURFS UP BABY! Wishing and praying for a book two. As always thank you to all parties responsible for my advanced copy.” ~Blagica Jankuloska (Reviewer)

Sexy & Snarky… One and Done will have you sinking into the bed-covers and sighing.” ~New York Times Bestselling Author Christie Craig

This book is simply amazing. It’s the best I’ve read in a while. 
Autumn and Balen are both wonderful well written characters. You can’t help but root for them. 
Balen is a surfer who is down on his luck and tiered of being used. Autumn divorced still getting over all the hurt. You can’t help but understand Autumn and her hesitations. I rooted for them and loved every bit of their story. This is a must read!!!” ~Carina Krantz (Reviewer)

“Hands down, this is my favorite book of the year – don’t miss it!” ~Author Kyra Lennon

“I absolutely loved this book, it had me hooked from the very beginning and I couldn’t put it down. I’ve never read anything by Melynda Price but I’m now a big fan and will definitely be checking out her other books. This had a great storyline with lots of steamy love scenes and I loved the friendship between Sumner and Autumn. I can’t wait for more in this series, I loved the lead in to summer’s story and I can’t wait for it to be released.”~ Kristie Padilla (Reviewer)

“This book is a must read 
*** You’ll want to move to Cyprus and meet a handsome and charming surfer after reading this book. 

Autumn is feeling lost after her divorce. She’s turning 30 and she hasn’t really lived her life to the fullest. She is hasn’t gotten over her husband’s betrayal and how he just walked out on her so she lets her friend convince her to go on a vacation and just do things she never has before. 
Balen, well he has been told he has to lie low ever since a sex tape got out. He has been a little too naughty since his ex-lady troubles. Being a professional surfer, his agent wants him to clean up his image and stay out of trouble, but trouble literally smacks him in the head when he see’s Autumn. And I mean literally, he gets smacked with a suitcase. 
There connection is amazing. Balen takes Autumn on island adventures. She goes bungee jumping, paddling, swimming, and hiking. And that is exactly what she needed. She needed to let lose and stop caring about what others think and man does she let loose!
**” ~Marisela Lugo (Reviewer)