This Saturday’s sample continues with my prologue from Bonded in Exile. Thanks for reading and posting your comments 🙂

The woman’s frantic movements echoed up to him as she scurried around inside the cave-suddenly everything fell eerily silent. She was still in there, he could smell her. The scent of rose hips clung to the air. Delicious…why did they always have to smell so damn good, and look so incredibly beautiful? Those creatures could stir the passions of any angel. The trick was to not let them get too close. One had to be strong enough to resist their charms—their spells of the dark arts. Many had tried, and many had failed.

As the rain intensified, heavy drops beat against the leaves of the trees surrounding him in a cacophony of white noise. Unfortunately, it wasn’t loud enough to drown out the sobs that suddenly filled the cave. Shit… Don’t do it. Don’t go down there. But her cries were so helpless—pathetic. So much for five minutes of peace and quiet, that certainly wasn’t going to happen sitting up here listening to this racket.

Heaving a deep sigh of frustration, Rictor leapt from the tree and landed softly on the muddy soaked earth. Black feathers floated to the ground beside his feet as he tucked his wings behind his back and stepped into the narrow mouth of the cave. The musty scent of rotting leaves clung to the stale, humid air. But not even the earth could hide the scent of the stunning woman huddled before him. No, not a woman—Nephilim.

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  1. Although Rictor has experience with “those creatures,” it seems like Nephilim is proving to be too much of a temptation for him. Can’t wait to see what happens next. BTW: I love your characters’ names.

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