Happy Saturday! I’m continuing this sample from the prologue for Bonded in Exile. Thanks for reading and leaving your comments 🙂

Rictor’s determined steps carried him to the edge of the village. Five minutes of peace and quiet—that’s all he asked for. Five minutes to just be alone, to clear his head. They all had their orders, they all knew what they were supposed to do, and none of them were happy about it.

This was the sort of thing nightmares were made of, but those heathens had no one to blame but themselves. Rules were rules for a reason, and the fallen had lived in open disregard to authority for far too long. Taking mortal wives—how could any of them possibly think this was going to end well? Fools—insolent fools—all of them. And now look where it’d gotten them, look what their impudence has gotten the Brethren, stuck here, forced to clean up someone else’s mess. Damn them all…

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  1. I love your writing and everything I’ve seen of this story. You’ve hooked me! And I have to say (in an OT sort of way) I LOL’d over one line (“Taking mortal wives—how could any of them possibly think this was going to end well.”) because I can SO hear that thought in my poor husband’s head. “What was I thinking? This wife thing CAN’T end well!” LOL! (Very happily married for 14.5 years, which is why he gets away with things like that, LOL.)

    • Thanks Sarah! I have to say, I’ve loved writing this story more than any of the rest. It’s almost done, book 1 of what I think will be at least a four book series. I’m sure my husband also has thought this a time or two in seventeen years 🙂

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