This week my Sweet Saturday Sample comes from Bonded in Exile. This book is adult and this sample is PG13 for language. 

Last week you met Silas, an Atillian warrior angel who’s been trapped on earth with his legion. This is a continuation of a flashback Silas is having that gives you some background on their history and introduces Gnash, who will be the main character in the second book of this series. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading and leaving your comments 🙂


Walking into Eden was like stepping into another world. The still, balmy air carried an omnious greeting. Not even the crickets offered a welcoming song. Evil had come, disguised as lowly serpent, slithering upon the earth. It seemed as if every living, breathing creature waited in silence for judgment to fall upon the land.

“Silas, why don’t you and Gnash start searching for the serpent and we’ll grab the humans? Keep sharp. This place is so dense that fucker could be hiding anywhere.”

Silas nodded in agreement and unsheathed his dagger. He and Gnash split the opposite direction as Rictor and Nahl. Gnash pushed on ahead. The grass was so tall, they waded through the shit.

“Wish I had a scythe right about now,” Gnash grumbled.

Silas followed behind his Atillian brother, who moved through the dense foliage with a lithe grace. His lean, muscular body tense—on full alert. His dark violet eye, searched for the predator that lay beneath the surface of beauty and perfection. An entire ecosystem contained in four square miles—all creatures, great and small, cohabitating in peace and harmony—all except one.

“Don’t I know it. A heads up on the deets to this little mission would have definitely been a bonus. Hey, you want me to lead out?”

“Nah, what’s the diff? It’s not like I’m blazin a trail here for ya.”

Silas laughed. “I’d say. I’d havta walk sideways to fit behind your skinny ass.”

“Hey, fuck you. Thin is in,” Gnash chuckled, swinging his arm back to toss him the middle finger.

One second. One second was all it took for disaster to strike. It all happened so fast, yet it was like watching a wreck in slow motion—and being helpless to do a damn thing to stop it. From out of the grass the viper struck—hard and swift. Fangs buried into the fleshy web of Gnash’s hand. It took less than a second for the evil venom to be injected, and just as quickly, for the serpent to release and hit the belly of the ground, making its escape. Silas had one more second to decide—save his brother’s life, or kill the shape-shifting motherfucker.

He chose Gnash. Some would say he chose wrong. Some would say it would have been more merciful just to let his brother die right then and there on Eden’s floor. To those Silas would say—Fuck. You.

With one wing assisted leap, Silas was at Gnash’s side. He grabbed his brother’s wrist, trapping his arm between his bicep and ribs and squeezed, cutting off Gnash’s circulation. “Hang on, Gnash! You’re gonna be fine!” Silas extended Gnash’s hand, and with the other, he took the tip of his dagger and sliced an X through his flesh, opening the two puncture wounds.

A snarl tore from his brother’s throat, his weight shifted behind him, and Silas felt Gnash drop to his knees. Without hesitation, Silas covered the wound with his mouth, sinking his own fangs deep into his brother’s flesh with an unrelenting grip as he sucked the venom from Gnash’s hand before it was too late. As the essence of evil hit his tongue, Silas felt his stomach lurch. Bile surged up the back of his throat and he forced down the urge to vomit as hot, waxy death coated his tongue—vile and rancid.

He released and spit, and started again. Silas could hear Gnash’s stomach, heaving behind him, mixed with groans of excruciating agony. He didn’t stop the suck and spit action until the only thing he tasted was his brother’s blood.

Releasing his arm, Gnash fell backward onto the ground, curled into a ball—panting and groaning. A sheen of sweat coated his body—his naturally golden skin, now a sickly pale green.

“Fuuuck! Gnash, open your eyes! Look at me dammit!”

Gnash looked up and Silas had to stifle the curse on his lips. Already, the beautiful dark violet of his brother’s eyes was turning deep burgundy, confirming what he feared, evil had already infected him. “I’m gonna get you home, Brother. I’m not going to let you die!”

Gnash rolled toward Silas, and between strangled groans, he ground out, “Kill. Me. Leave. Meee. Here.”

“No fucking way am I going to kill you, and I sure as hell ain’t leaving you here for that bastard to turn you. We’re goin’ home, and you can just kick my ass for it later.”

Later did come–months later–after unbearable suffering, Gnash did exactly that. In fact, he never forgave Silas for saving his life that night.

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