This week I’m posting another six from my adult paranormal romance: Bonded.  Thanks for reading and posting your comments. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

“Vampires aren’t real, Emily, and we’re not blood drinkers by nature–the blood exchange is a very sacred and intimate bond that occurs between a male and his mate, and yes, they bit them.”

“And last night, when we…did you want to bite me?”

Silas failed to hold back his laughter that came out sounding like a derogatory snort. “No, I didn’t–why, did you want me to bite you?” The smooth, husky timbre rolled off his tongue like liquid velvet. The thought of sinking his teeth into her soft, pale flesh, claiming her as his own, while sliding deep inside her made his mouth water–his gums ached with the stretch of his fangs as they filled his mouth.

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