This week’s six comes from the paranormal romance I’m currently writing: Bonded. Thanks for reading my six and leaving your comments. The feedback is much appreciated 🙂  

“What do you want me to do, Silas, spit in my hand so we can shake on it? Kind of a moot point if you ask me, considering what you did to me last night!”

Surprise lit across his face, followed by a hunger that sent a rush of goose bump up her arms and a burning heat into the pit of her stomach. His top lip curled back in a sneer, revealing a healthy set of fangs that made the skin on the side of her neck tingle where they’d grazed her throat.

“What I did to you–Sweetheart, you were no innocent party in that little fuck fest. You asked me for it, more than once as I recall, not that I wasn’t happy to oblige.”

12 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday #9”

  1. Love that you brought a little bit of innocence — childhood’ spit handshake — into a very adult conversation. Wonderful dichotomy.

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