This week continues the excerpt from Bonded in Exile. I’ve finally finished this first novel in my Atillian warrior series. See the previous post for my hook, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading and leaving your comments 🙂 

“Come here,” Silas said, holding his hand out to her. She hesitated–he must have thought it was from of all his weaponry because he shrugged his shoulders to slip the knife imbedded, leather harness off his arms and tossed it into the bed as he limped by. The moment he got close enough he reached out, caught her hand, and swept her into his arms, cradling her against his bare chest.

Damn, she hated Riley–hated him for everything he’d done to her, and now this…planting seeds of doubt and mistrust about Silas. Already, the roots were starting to take hold. Emily’s heartbreak weighed heavy, like a pair of cement boots.

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