This is week six of an excerpt between Emily and Riley from Bonded in Exile. If everyone’s loving it and wants me to continue a few more weeks, please, let me know. Thanks for reading and leaving you comments 🙂

As much as Emily didn’t want to believe him, Riley’s words stung with the bitterness of betrayal. She’d heard Silas talking to someone down on the dock…“Fuck, it’s not like I volunteered for this shit,” that’s what he’d said.

With every word, Riley’s grip on her throat tightened, matched only by the gripping pain inside her heart. She couldn’t answer him, even if she wanted to, because that would require breathing.

10 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday 6/6”

  1. I can sense that bitterness throughout the scene. The betrayal is so ugly she seems not to care that Riley is choking the life out of her. Intense six. Yes, please keep going!

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