I’m continuing this weeks’ six from Bonded in Exile, picking up where we left off last week. Riley just stabbed Silas and ran out of the cabin. Thanks for reading and leaving your comments 🙂

With an uncoordinated launch, Riley bolted out the door. Silas leapt to his feet, and attempted to run after him, but the dagger sticking out of his thigh slowed his progress–immensely. The whole side of his leg was soaked with blood; Emily could hear the squish, squish, of his boot with every hobbled step.

He glanced down and scowled, as if he was pissed off at his leg for not working right. She couldn’t believe it when he reached down and jerked the blade out of his thigh and tossed it on the ground; it landed with a clatter as he made another attempt to chase after Riley, but his leg still wouldn’t work.  “Fuuuck!” he snarled.

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