Happy Easter! Thanks for stopping by to read my SSS. This week continues my excerpt between Silas and Emily, from my novel, Bonded in Exile. Hope you’re enjoying it 🙂

His dark violet eyes locked on her–intense and unforgiving, “Come on, Emily, I thought we trusted each other here.”

“Yeah, well, so did I, but that was before I found out you’re only here because someone else made you come.”

Silas lifted his palm from her heel and checked her foot. Apparently it was still bleeding because he clamped the pressure back down on it. “Emily, believe me, there is no place I’d rather be then where I was an hour ago.”

They both knew where that was, and the memory of him sliding deep inside her only made his betrayal all the more hard to swallow.

10 comments on “4/8/12 Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. Oh, that is a harsh reality to have to face. Talk about a slap in the face. I’m really hoping Silas turns out to be better than this.

    (FYI, thanks for leaving a comment on my six last week. Your feedback is much appreciated.)

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