This is week 3 of 6 in an excerpt from the novel I’m writing called Bonded in Exile. Thanks for following every week. Hope you’re enjoying it!

This excerpt involves Riley, a fallen angel, and Emily, a Nephilim he’s been hunting. He’s finally found her and evaded Silas, another fallen angel who’s been assigned to keep Emily alive. These fallen can bond through a blood exchange which will allow them to sense and feel the emotions of whoever they’ve connected with.

“You fucking Nephs are all the same, you know that–all about the fang and cock.” Riley reached back and fisted a handful of hair, jerking her head back. The heat of his gaze raked over her neck as his large hand slid down to circle her throat. “Do not tell me you let him bite you. Puleeze, do not tell me you are that fucking stupid as to let him use you like that? You’ll only make him stronger—give him a way inside that pretty little head of yours.”

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