This is week two of an excerpt from Bonded in Exile. Thanks for reading and leaving your comments. Hope you’re enjoying it!

Riley, a fallen angel, has just found Emily, who is a Nephilim he’s been hunting. 

“Stay away from my sister, you heartless bastard!”

“Too late,” Riley sneered, leaning closer until his lips nearly touched Emily’s. “I can’t wait to find out how far the apple fell from the tree.” His hateful eyes grazed her lips and he froze; he caught her chin in a biting grip, using his thumb to pull down her bottom lip as her tongue shot out to cover the nick from Silas’s fang.

“Getting kinda careless there, wouldn’t ya say, Emmers? Don’t tell me Silas has turned you into a fangbanger?”

11 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday 2/6”

    • He is a creep. Silas went after Riley, but Riley double backed his trail and got to Emily. Silas won’t be out of the picture for long and it’s about to hit the fan!! Thanks for following, I’m gland you’re enjoying it! I hope to have the book finished by the end of the month. Then it’s time to shop for a lit agent 🙂

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