This week is another continuation of the six-week long excerpt from my Redemption series. The first book in this series is titled Until Darkness Comes. I’m still in the early contracting stages and am currently awaiting a release date from Noble Romance.  Hope you’re enjoying the continuation. Thanks for reading and posting your comments. Have a great Sunday!

Liam expelled a deep breath and roughly drug his hand through his hair. “I don’t know what to say, Olivia, I cannot deny what you say that I am.”

 An audible gasp escaped her lips at his confession as single teardrop rolled down her cheek, landing on his hand. She looked down at the splatter of moisture, wicking into his flesh like a rain drop in the desert, and heard the sharp intake of his breath. She glanced up to see the unnatural sheen of his bright amethyst eyes.

9 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday #15 (4/6)”

  1. Hmmmm… I read his line of dialogue about six times because it wasn’t really making sense to me. If you took out the last ‘that’ from the sentence, it would make sense, or if you took out ‘what you say’.

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