Here’s six from the paranormal romance I’m currently writing: Bonded in Exile.  The next six Sundays will run an excerpt between Riley, an Atillian fallen angel, and Emily, a Nephilim he’s been chasing. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading and leaving your comments 🙂

Riley’s top lip pulled back in a sneer, flashing a glimpse of fang that made Emily’s blood run cold. His scent hit her nostrils—Myrrh—her skin crawled with the memory of his touch. Bile surged up her throat as Riley reached forward and slowly drew the back of his fingers down her cheek.

“We have unfinished business, you and me, or are you going to make your sister pay your debts?”

Oh, God…Sarah! A new wave of panic exploded inside her chest, as dark sapphire eyes danced across her face with a triumphant gleam, drinking in her terror.

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