Melynda Price

Six Sentence Sunday #11

This weeks six comes from Redemption, currently in submission with Noble Romance. Thanks for reading and leaving your comments. The feedback is much appreciated 🙂

The little hairs on the back of Olivia’s neck tingled as she watched the wordless showdown between Max and the stranger. A malicious sneer crossed Max’s face a second before he took a possessive step toward her and slid his arm around her waist. He pulled her close and his mouth descended on hers in a kiss much too intimate for the public eye.

“Max!” Olivia wedged her hand against his chest and shoved him away, but not before  the skunky after-taste of beer filled her mouth.

“God, you taste good,” his low throaty growl sent a chill up her spine and she took an apprehensive step back.

Well that was a macho-shithead move, why didn’t he just pee in a circle around her and be done with it already?

Six Sentence Sunday #10

This six comes from the adult paranormal romance I’m writing called: Bonded. Thanks for reading, I appreciate your comments and feedback. Hope you enjoy this weeks six 🙂

“You think I’m evil–wow, you really are a self-righteous bastard, aren’t you?” she accused as she tried to pull away, but Silas wouldn’t let her go.

“You aren’t evil, Emily…”

“Well how do you know?” she challenged. “I hope you can rest with one eye open, cuz I might just slit your throat while you sleep.”

He couldn’t resist the soft chuckle that escaped his lips. The idea that this small, fragile female could be a threat to him was an amusing concept.

Six Sentence Sunday #9

This week’s six comes from the paranormal romance I’m currently writing: Bonded. Thanks for reading my six and leaving your comments. The feedback is much appreciated 🙂  

“What do you want me to do, Silas, spit in my hand so we can shake on it? Kind of a moot point if you ask me, considering what you did to me last night!”

Surprise lit across his face, followed by a hunger that sent a rush of goose bump up her arms and a burning heat into the pit of her stomach. His top lip curled back in a sneer, revealing a healthy set of fangs that made the skin on the side of her neck tingle where they’d grazed her throat.

“What I did to you–Sweetheart, you were no innocent party in that little fuck fest. You asked me for it, more than once as I recall, not that I wasn’t happy to oblige.”