Melynda Price

Six Sentence Sunday #14 (3/6)

This weeks six is a continuation from the last two weeks. It will run for three more Sundays. This excerpt comes from my novel, Redemption, currently under contract with Noble Romance. Thanks for reading and posting your comments 🙂

Olivia hesitated, her mouth was suddenly dry, her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth when she tried to speak. This was all so surreal; her pulse drummed in her ears as she returned his dark violet stare.

“You’re an angel,” the words left her lips in a  barely audible whisper. 

She heard Liam’s breath catch in his throat. Her mind raced when he didn’t deny it, the intensity in his eyes triggered a fresh spring of tears, blurring her vision as she anxiously bit the inside of her bottom lip until the tangy copper flavor touched her tongue. “Say something,” she cried, unable to bear the silence a moment longer.

Six Sentence Sunday # 13 (2/6)

This weeks six is a continuation from last week. It comes from Redemption, and I’m so excited to say that I’ve been offered a contract for this novel by Noble Romance 🙂 Thanks for reading and leaving your comments! 

Liam stiffened like a stone statue in the seat beside her; the steady rise and fall of his chest ceased, his grip on her hands tightened ever so slightly. He didn’t speak—didn’t move.

Oh, shit! Emily’s anxiety soared–could he feel it? If he did, he certainly gave no indication of it, as she sat there with her heart slamming erratically inside her chest, waiting breathlessly for him to say something—anything.

“Say it then,” he challenged, his voice a low husky whisper. “What is it that you think I am?”

Six Sentence Sunday #12 (1/6)

This weeks six comes from Redemption, currently in submission with Noble Romance. Thanks for reading and leaving comments. The feedback is much appreciated 🙂

“I know there’s something wrong with me, Liam, and you know it too; so did those…things on the boat yesterday.”

“Olivia, trust me, there is nothing wrong with you.”

He seems so sure; she doubted he’d be saying that five minutes from now when she spilled her guts to him. “I know what Max is,” she confessed softly. A flicker of surprise crossed his face, but it was gone so fast, maybe she imagined it. “And I know what you are too,” she added,  forcing the words from her mouth before she lost her nerve.