I’m pleased to have Connie Kline, editor at 5Prince Publishing, with me today.  Thanks, Connie, for taking the time to do this interview.

Have you always wanted to be an editor?

No, actually I really just wanted to be a mom. I enjoyed spending time with my kids at the school and volunteering as much as I could.

How long have you been an editor?

An actual Editor, I would have to say for 2 years now. I was doing Beta Reading for years before that.

Tell us a little about working for 5Prince Publishing.

I love 5PP, it is a small publishing company that I was able to get into in the very beginning. Very family oriented, and everyone that belong to 5PP editors, authors, designers we are all family now.

What are your special genres of interest?

I like them all-so that is a hard choice to make.

Do you prefer sweet or spicy romance?

Again, nothing throws me, so bring on any of them.

Are there any genres you won’t contract?

Nope, I look at everything.

What are you looking for in a MS?

I look at an MS to see if the story is good, does it capture me, does it carry me through the whole story? If I don’t like it, the readers won’t.

What do you expect from your author-editor relationships?

An author-editor relationship has to be great. We are all humans, so both the author and editor have to have thick skin, so if one person says “I think it would be better this way or that” the other person doesn’t get hurt feelings. Have to always keep the lines of communication open, and be open to changes.

Let’s talk query letters. Ugh!! As an author, I find writing them terribly daunting. Are there and submission pet-peeves you care to share? Anything that will make you instantly reject a submission?

Yes, on the submission page of our website, we tell you specifically what we want. We want to hear your words, not a blurb from your book. We want to hear what your thoughts and feelings are, so we can get a feel for who the author is. Then we ask for a blurb from the book. A lot of times we only get blurbs, so it is really hard to see who the author is and if we can work with them.

How do you prefer to be queried? Letter only? Letter and synopsis? Writing sample?

I personally like letter and synopsis. Again, it goes to seeing who the author really is, and a little bit about the book.

What is the best way to contact you?

http://www.5princebooks.com for all new authors looking for a great publishing house and an Editor.

Thank you again, Connie, for joining me today. 5Prince had a lot to offer new and previously published authors. All works are release in ebook and paperback formats through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Ebook is also sold through All Romance, iTunes, Sony and Diesel.

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