He watches her from across the bar with a predatory gaze that sends her instincts into flight. When Emily Marx is attacked outside the bar and left for dead, the black-haired, violet-eyed stranger becomes her unwitting savior, or maybe he’s the devil in disguise? Nothing is as it seems, and nothing can prepare her for the truth about who and what she really is. Emily is soon thrust into a world of darkness and temptation she never dreamed existed—a world where angels war for the power only she can unlock.

After centuries of exile, Silas wants nothing more than to go home. The Brethren have been hunting the lawless angelic/human half-breeds since the Great Flood. One is left, and Silas has finally found the female they’ve been searching for—the female whose blood sacrifice on Samhain will open the dimension’s portal, freeing them from earth’s bondage. Forced to save her life or risk eternal banishment, Silas accidentally becomes bloodbonded to the female he’s spent countless mortal lifetimes hunting, and an eternity hating.

 Not all the Brethren want to return home, and dissention is brewing among the legion of warrior angels as a mutiny inevitably draws near. The surmounting division threatens to destroy them all, and Emily is caught in a tug of war between good and evil. Unable to resist the unbreakable bond between them, Silas delves her into his world of seduction and dark pleasures—he’ll stop at nothing to possess this woman and the control of Sanhedrin’s Portal.

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