Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by to follow Emily and Silas’ saga in Bonded in Exile. You’re comments are much appreciated. When you’re done reading, check out some sexy pic’s in my post below, Tattoos…Sexy or Cliche? I’m taking a vote 😉

mmmm... I think this could possibly be Silas in Bonded in Exile ;)

Emily bit the thread free from the spool and threaded it through the needle’s eye. “You’re not gonna be able to carry me with that leg.”

“Wanna bet?”

She looked up, meeting his stubborn glare and mimicked his earlier words to her, “This is gonna hurt.” Without hesitation, she stuck the needle into his flesh and began sewing up his leg. She waited for a curse to come spilling out, because he was definitely on a roll with the profanity tonight, but he said nothing-he didn’t even move a muscle.

7 comments on “7/22/12 Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. I love that little bit of ruthlessness that comes out when she sticks the needle in him. They are so damn stubborn, these two. Love ’em!

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