Hi everyone, this week continues with my Bonded in Exile excerpt. Thanks for stopping by every week to follow Emily and Silas. Your comments are much appreciated 🙂 Have a great day!

Emily sighed, “Now is not the time to get all hot and bothered. You need all your blood to stay right where it is, coursing through your vital organs, and this massive piece of flesh between your thighs is not one of them.”

“I beg to differ,” Silas teased, his rich baritone voice courted her flesh, snaking over her breasts, between her thighs.

Emily steeled her resolve, trying to salvage her last bit of dignity. “Sit down before you fall down.  I’m telling you, Silas, this is a bad cut; you’re losing a lot of blood.”

7 comments on “6/10/12 Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. Love how his voice snakes over her. Poor girl doesn’t stand a chance of withstanding his powers of seduction. (And I’m wondering why she’s want to.)

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