Hi everyone! Happy Mother’s Day! This week is a continuation from my excerpt, Bonded in Exile. Thanks for stopping by every week and for leaving your comments 🙂

A gelatinous flow of blood covered Silas’ foot where it pooled in his boot. “Umm…Silas?” Emily tried to keep her voice steady. Whether Riley had spoken the truth or not, her heart was having trouble catching up to her head. She had serious feelings for Silas and genuine concern for his health. “You’ve lost a lot of blood here.”

12 comments on “5/13/12 Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. Yeesh! Poor Silas. I know he was being heroic to care for her first, but I hope that wasn’t a mistake!

  2. “Her heart was having trouble catching up to her head.” <<< I loved this line for so many reasons. There are feelings and love, now how will she handle all this blood?!

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