Hi Everyone! It’s been a couple of weeks but I’m finally getting back to Bonded in Exile. Here’s a quick recap: Riley attacked Emily, and told her Silas was using her and planned to kill her. Silas saved Emily from Riley, they fought, and Riley got away. Emily is starting to fall for Silas, and now is dealing with doubt and mistrust of his true intentions. Does Silas really care for her or is he only using her to gain her cooperation in opening Sanhedrin’s Portal so the exiled legion of fallen angels can return home?


Silas lifted her foot, examined her heel, and scowled, “You have a piece of glass in your foot; how in the hell did this happen?”

“Riley startled me and I dropped a glass.”

“I’m sorry, Emily, but this has to come out, and it’s going to hurt.” Silas didn’t even give her a chance to think about how bad this was going to suck. In a swift movement, he jerked the piece of glass free and clamped his palm firmly over her heel. He didn’t say anything as he sat there holding pressure on her foot, but he then again he didn’t have to, he was busy taking her emotional pulse.

9 comments on “3/25/12 Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. he sounds like he is playing a game with her… as if he is waiting for something to happen and she sounds mesmerized by him. i have a feeling when he does whatever he might be planning she’s going to get hurt….

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