Thanks to everyone who stops by to read my posts every week. Your comments are much appreciated. This week continues my excerpt from Bonded in Exile. I won’t be posting next week because I’m taking a vacation with my family. We’re ditching Minnesota winter for Florida fun in sun 🙂

Emily glanced down, finding it difficult to hold the intensity of his gaze, uncertainty and doubt making it all the harder to take. She looked away and noticed his right pant leg was soaked in blood. “Silas, your leg,” she pointed out, feeling foolish to have him doting on her—especially when he was the one truly injured. The coppery metallic scent saturated the air, mixed with the heady scent of spice and…sweet vanilla?

“I’m fine,” he said dismissively, “this wasn’t the first time I’ve been knifed, and it certainly won’t be the last.”

Wow…well, that wasn’t reassuring in the least.

10 comments on “2/19/12 Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. I figured he’d been in fights and knew how to give and take. What I really wonder about is the sweet vanilla. That’s the stand-out for me. You’ve done something interesting with scents here. I’m intrigued.

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